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If you are going to sell your house in Amsterdam, you have to do it right. After all, you are not the only one offering a house for sale. Moreover, you want the house to sell well and preferably quickly. For this it is important that you bring the house to the attention of a greater audience, together with a real estate agent who knows how it works. We are that kind of real estate agent and we are happy to work for you.

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As your sales agent, we are fully committed to you. This also includes determining the optimal sales strategy. If your home needs to be presented better or differently, we will tell you. And if necessary, we have a reliable network of professionals who can help you with this. This way we ensure that everything is properly arranged and that you can sell your house with the best results.

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From the viewings of your home up to the negotiations on the sale, you can count on us for time and a lot of attention. We don’t organize massive viewings, but personal tours for every potential buyer. We also conduct tactical negotiations in which we include your point of view in our considerations and strategies. In that wat you can always look back on the sale process with a good feeling.

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