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Rent a home in Amsterdam

Do you want to avoid long-term financial obligations but still want to live in a beautiful, nice house in or around Amsterdam? Then you choose to rent. Whether it is because the old house has already been sold and the new one has not yet been found, or because you are suddenly looking for a home in our capital because you are going to live and work in Amsterdam as an expat? Brummel en Beuk Makelaars helps you find the right rental property.

Tenancy law, landlord? We can help you!

Renting of course has many advantages; you don’t have to worry about maintenance and if you want to leave, you just cancel the rent. However, renting is not entirely without obligation. Our agents have extensive knowledge of rental law and therefore inform you exactly what you have to deal with as a tenant. And of course we will help you find the rental house you want and negotiate with the landlord for you.

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Expat Broker in Amsterdam

Expats who are looking for their new home in or near Amsterdam can also contact us. As an Expat Broker, we know exactly what needs to be arranged. Of course, that starts with good housing. The wishes you place on it depend very much on your situation. But whether you come to Amsterdam alone or with the whole family, we ensure that we find the right rental property in the right area for you and at excellent conditions. And if you want to end up in a truly spread-out bed, we will use our network for you to arrange all other matters; from the furnishings to finding schools and sports clubs for children or for yourself.

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