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What is my house worth?

Immediately receive an NVM Value Check.

Home valuation in Amsterdam?

Do you need an appraisal? Then we will arrange that for you. At Brummel & Beuk Makelaars you will find certified appraisers who will quickly and accurately prepare a good appraisal report for you. This is possible for any building throughout the Amsterdam region.

Appraisal report or valuation?

Have you just bought a house, existing or new build, or are you going to renovate? Do you need a second mortgage? Or do you want to refinance your mortgage? Or are you going through a divorce or dealing with an inheritance? Then you’ll need a valuation report. However, if you only want a rough indication of the market value of your house to determine whether or not you want to sell it, then a simple valuation is sufficient. In both cases you can ask us to arrange it for you.

NWWI valuation

In many cases, the bank or other financial institutions require that the valuation report be validated by the Dutch Housing Value Institute (NWWI). This means that the valuation of the prpperty has been verified. As a registered real estate agent and appraiser, we can take care of that. So if your bank asks for an NWWI valuation report, we will arrange this for you.

Want a house or property to be appraised in Amsterdam?

The Dutch terms valuation and appraisal are often used interchangeably. That’s no problem for us. We know what is needed when and we can arrange it for you. So do you want to have a home or business premises in Amsterdam appraised? Ask Brummel en Beuk Real Estate Agents. We will quickly realise it for you.

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