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Planning on buying a house in Amsterdam?

Finding a house in Amsterdam is not that complicated, but buying the right one is. For the right price which is a realistic representation of the market situation, together with the qualities of the property. As a purchasing agent, we provide you with all the information and help for you to make the best decision.

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Buying a house in Amsterdam

Anyone who wants to buy a house in Amsterdam will see a wide range online. But not everything is worth it; it may be located in a for you less suitable neighborhood, there could be a bad homeowner’s association, there may be structural problems or the property has already been sold. We will assist you with all of this and help you in finding interesting properties, providing you with the necessary information and advising you on how to truly value the house.

Realistic expectations

Because we give you a good idea of the house in advance, you not only know what it is worth, but also why and what to expect. If you choose to make an offer, you know what you are getting into. For example, whether maintenance will be necessary and whether it is wise with the current market expectations. Or if you compete in a tender situation, and what the chances are that your bid will be accepted.

Smart negotiations in close consultation

The Amsterdam housing market is increasingly under pressure, but we will not let that influence you. That is why we guide you throughout the entire purchasing process and conduct smart negotiations in close consultation. This way you are correctly and fully informed at all times and you can make a conscious choice with a good feeling.

Golden tip for buying your dream house

Of course, we don’t just respond when you ask for it. We are aware of what is happening on the Amsterdam housing market and we know when the house you are looking for comes on the market. If your desired house comes up for sale, we will tell you before it becomes known. A golden tip that will significantly increase your chances of purchasing your dream home.

Daily and relevant listings

If you choose Brummel & Beuk as your buying agency in Amsterdam, you can use our handy online search system. This gives you a daily selection of properties that are of interest to you and you stay in constant contact with us to communicate your preferences, ask your questions or schedule viewings.

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